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Statement by Senator Robert Torricelli in Response to the Mullah’s Regime Propaganda Attributing the Uprising in Iran to Foreign Power

Robert Torricelli, Iran's regime is trying to distract from popular discontent by promoting Reza Pahlavi, but the people want democracy and a better future. Interviews and photo ops don't help. The regime's days are numbered, and a free Iran will emerge despite any obstacles.

This statement was issued by Senator Robert Torricelli:

The failing Mullah’s regime in Tehran is resurrecting the hollow image of Reza Pahlavi as a distraction. The rising tide of popular discontent on the streets of Iran wants neither the discredited brutal Pahlavi of the past nor the theological dictatorship of the moment.

There is a revolution taking form in Iran. It is no more the creation of a foreign power than the inspiration of the discredited Pahlavi. Both have betrayed the ambitions of the Iranian people for a pluralistic democracy that respects its people, protects their freedoms, and offers a prosperous future.

Photo opportunities in Tel Aviv or interviews in Beverly Hills are not contributions to revolutionary change but distractions that aid the regime. Dedicated people in the Iranian diaspora are in solidarity with the Iranian patriots on the streets of Iran and have committed themselves to a future free of all tyrants.

If the false threat of Pahlavi is the best defense that the Mullahs can muster to protect their brutal regime, the days of the Islamic Republic are more numbered than I believed. The Shah and the empty shadow of his son will soon be joined by the Mullahs in the pages of Iran’s tragic history. This Revolution will not be stopped by bullets, lies, or jails.

Robert Torricelli

United Stares Senator (ret)

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