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The Coronavirus Crisis and Warnings About a More Dangerous Crisis for Iran’s Regime

Iranian regime officials fear of upcoming protests

They are concerned about the critical situation and the consequences for the Iranian people, and the government official is warning about it. But the main concern of the regime is its future.

On this subject, IRNA wrote: “The scope of the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak is far beyond that of healthcare. In a nutshell, patients infected by the coronavirus and its health effects of the coronavirus crisis are at the forefront of the crisis, and the last crisis that is affecting the entire community is the economic and psychological effects and impacts and its synchronization with the end days of the year and which are the propulsion and the shock absorber of Iran’s stagnant economy, doubling the scope of the damage that will have far-reaching consequences.”

Identifying the scope of this recent crisis is a serious necessity that should start today and, given the extent of the crisis across the country, requires national and extra-governmental dignity.

Such warnings and fears about the consequences of this crisis for the sovereignty are rife in the state media, indicating that fear of coronavirus virus crisis and its impact on the survival of the mullahs’ regime have become a major concern of government officials and experts.

“Do we not know how much danger we are in,” said Fereidoun Majlesi, a government expert addressing government officials. “Iran is currently experiencing problems in international relations. For example, an Iranian plane traveling to Turkey was forced to return to Iran by the Turkish government. Officials in the country should think about this now. Don’t we know how much we are at risk and how much the coronavirus can spread and what its consequences are?” (State-run daily Setreh-e-Sobh, 1 March 2020)

The Asnaf News website confessed about the regime’s inability to control the outbreak of the coronavirus, the public hatred and distrust of the regime in all areas, including on the coronavirus, and warns and is concerned about the crisis and said the people’s patience is about to end:

“The society is no longer able to endure the ongoing psychological, security, political, and now health crises…” (Asnaf News website, 3 March 2020)

The deputy speaker of the regime’s parliament, Massoud Pezeshkian, also criticized the actions of the regime in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and warned that the country’s “read the mullahs’ regime” would be disrupted. (Asnaf News website, 3 March 2020)

The final word on the consequences of the crisis for the regime is cited by Jamshid Ghazvinian, a government expert on the future of the regime, who promised major social catastrophes: “Predictions and scientific research show that the coronavirus is suppressed in several months with the change of the season. But in the not too distant future, we will face other crises. Unless social assets are not reproduced, the only way out of the crisis will be blocked. Then we must wait for major social catastrophes. Coronavirus is not the problem; the crisis is social assets.” (Parsineh website, 1 March 2020)

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