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Those Most Affected by Iran Regime Side With the Resistance in the Fight for Regime Overthrow by the People

Arab analyst Ahmad Hassan has written an interesting piece recently, in which he writes that the US sanctions are designed solely to contain the regime’s malign behaviour and prevent its terrorist activities rather than to overthrow the mullahs, but that the only way to prevent the Regime’s terrorism is Regime overthrow.

He wrote: “Because terrorism is in the nature of this regime… it can’t survive without terrorist attacks and support for terrorism… Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect this regime to abandon terrorism after the recent sanctions against the office of the [regime supreme leader Ali] Khamenei and his foreign minister or any other sanctions. There’s no way this regime will abandon its terrorism and arming its proxy forces. [The only solution is] to destroy this regime.”

While Muthana al-Jadorchi, another Arab political analyst, notes that even if the Regime complied with the US’s 12 demands and bring its forces back from other nations, Iran’s proxy forces will continue to expand Iran’s influence and intervention across the Middle East. He reminded us that the Regime even uses their proxy forces to threaten the Iranian people, as they did during the recent floods when the Regime wanted to prevent an uprising. (Notably, the Regime could have prevented an uprising by promoting food, shelter, and rescue teams, but preferred to divert the flood waters away from their companies and towards poor villages.)

Al-Jadorchi wrote: “The people of Iran hate this regime and reject it. This fact shows itself in the continued protests, the activities of the resistance units and the resistance councils, and demonstrations abroad. The most recent of these demonstrations took place on June 15 and 21 in Brussels and Washington, DC, respectively, where the participants demanded the international community to support the Iranian resistance in the goal to overthrow the regime of Iran.”

Now, the nations of the Middle East do not want to go to war with Iran, any more than the US does, after all the Regime would do anything to maintain their shaky grasp on power.

Abdul-Rahman al-Rashed, the editor-in-chief of Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, wrote: “We’re faced with a regime that would kill one or two million civilians without reservation. This is a regime that will resort to anything if it fears its destruction.”

So, what is the solution? To support the Iranian people and their organised resistance in their fight for a free Iran and allow the Iranian people to determine their own destiny.

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