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Getting to Know Rowhani’s Cabinet – Who is Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi?

INU: Rowhani’s cabinet members were announced August 4, 2013 just after his inauguration.  Members of the cabinet will consist of a handful of Rowhani’s closest advisors and confidants as he takes on the position of Iran’s new president.   
As with most cabinet selections for governments across the world, the people selected to hold these coveted positions provide unique insight into the new presidency.  Unfortunately, the selections by President Rowhani were not surprising and instead of highlighting a future of democracy and change; it foreshadows a Regime of suppression, war and terrorism.   
All of the cabinet members selected to join Rowhani have been senior officials within the Regime for the past three decades.  One of the most criminal appointments is the candidate for Ministry of Justice, Mullah Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi.  
For years Pour-Mohammadi worked as a Deputy to the Minister of Intelligence, where he was the principal member of the three-man death committee.  This committee played the greatest role in the 1988 massacre in Iran where 30,000 political prisoners were executed.   
In 1980, after the outset of the Iran-Iraq War, Ayatollah Khomeini appointed Pour-Mohammadi as the revolution’s prosecutor in Khuzestan, Hormozgan and Khorassan provinces.  In this position, his primary role was to suppress protests by teachers and students in Bandar-Abbas.  While serving in this capacity, over 100 teenage students were slaughtered and several teachers were fired fro m Bandar-Abbas.  
Throughout the 90’s, he held an integral position overseeing the regime’s assassinations – functioning as Deputy and Head of Foreign Intelligence in the Ministry of Intelligence.   Pour-Mohammadi oversaw all regime assassinations between 1990 and 1999, while his counterpart, Saeid Emami, implemented these terrible acts. 
In March of 1996, Pour-Mohammadi was involved in killing his own relatives; having contributed to the horrific murder and burning of his cousin’s wife, Ashraf al-Sadat Borqe’I.
He has long been one of the closest and most trusted officials of Ali Khamenei as he was appointed Advisor to the Head of Khamenei’s Office and his Director of the “political-social” group in 2002. He also worked as one of the managers of Khamenei’s Special Office for intelligence and Security. 
Now as Iran begins a new era with a new president, with Pour-Mohammadi as one of Rowhani’s top officials, the future of the country looks grim.   A past such as Pour-Mohammadi’s only forecasts additional pain, terrorism and violence for Iran and a continued violation of human rights at its worst. 
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