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In these cold days and nights of the winter, a large portion of urban population who have no home or shelter to spend the night in, pass the night under the open sky of Tehran. Under bridges, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations, under a bench in the corner of a park and anywhere else on a piece of land that one can put on some blankets.

In a statement, Dr. Maleki protested the new wave of imprisonment of freedom seekers and wrote to the oppressive rulers of the Islamic Republic: Rest assured that if you continue these actions, your fate will not be any better than other authoritarian regimes.

NCRI - The Iranian regime's State Security Forces (Police) paraded a man in the northern city of Rasht a day after his arrest. The man identified by his initials as A. B. had been charged with "disrupting the public order."

A 35-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman each committed a separate gruesome suicide this past weekend in western Iran.

The number of executions carried out by Iranian authorities — often hanging dubiously convicted citizens from construction cranes in public — has risen sharply since President Hassan Rouhani took office in August, a surge most likely because of a secret power struggle within Iran’s notoriously veiled political system.

According to reports from inside Iran, the officials of the Ministry of Intelligence(MOIS) in Khuzestan Province (South West Iran) refuse to hand over to their families the corpses of Rashid Hashem and Hadi Shabani, who were executed about 5 days ago.

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