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Iran: Kurdish teacher receives 20 lashes

NCRI - The Iranian regime's judiciary in Kurdistan province of Iran has lashed a teacher for "insulting a government employee while on duty."

Payman Nowdinian, a member of teachers association in Kurdistan had been sentenced to 20 lashes by mullahs judiciary in Sanadaj. The sentence was carried out on March 7, 2014.

Iran: 10 Dervishes Prisoners: “If Our Demands Are Not Met, We Will Start a 'Dry' Hunger Strike”

According to reports from inside Iran, 10 Dervishes imprisoned in Evin Prison, Gohardasht Prison (near Tehran) and Nezam Prison in Shiraz (in central Iran), declared yesterday that if their demands are not met and medical care is not provided for sick prisoners, they will begin a dry hunger strike. Since many of them already suffer from poor health, their strike puts them at grave risk for further illness or death.

World should thank Iran for high execution rate, says Tehran official

Source: Fox news- Iran has stepped up executions, and believes in doing so, it has earned the gratitude of mankind.

The Islamic republic's execution rate, which has soared to ghastly heights since self-described moderate Hassan Rouhani became president, last year, should be viewed as a “positive marker of Iranian achievement,” according to the head of Iran’s Judiciary Human Rights Council.  

Iran: A Political Prisoner Sentenced to Death, Continues Hunger Strike

Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, a political prisoner in ward 350 of Evin prison, continues his hunger strike to protest the lack of medical treatment for sick political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. He also called for an end to repeated insults to the prisoners by prison officials and the exile of political prisoners. Khosravi was sentenced to death and he is on the verge of execution.

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