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violation of human rights in Iran

Amnesty International has condemned the Iranian Regime for the harsh sentencing of four journalists and three labor rights activists on bogus national security charges.

An Iranian human rights watchdog has issued a report into human rights abuses in Iran for the month of August, which makes for horrific reading. Iran is besieged by economic, social, and political crises and Iran Human Rights Monitor reports that, in an attempt to silence dissent, the Regime has increased its crackdown on Iranians.

The mother of a US Navy veteran who is being held in Iran spoke to the media in recent days to express serious concerns over her son’s condition. The remarks came shortly after Swiss consular officials were permitted to visit the prisoner, for the first time in three months, after which they relayed information about his case to the US State Department

While the world follows closely U.S.-Iran tensions in the Middle East, and Iran’s breaching of the 2015 nuclear deal, one shouldn’t forget about the gross human rights violations in Iran.

The Iranian regime is known for its unreasonable crackdown on what it considers unacceptable behaviour. Over the past few days, the country’s security forces stormed a number of mixed gender parties in the city of Sari in the north of the country.

On Friday, August 30, Said Molaie, Iranian Judo champion, requested political asylum in Germany. This is not the first time that Iran’s regime puts pressure on the Iranian athletes and forces exile or to live in poverty.


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