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Executions of minorities in Iran rose last year

By INU Staff

INU- The executions of people from minority ethnic groups in Iran has risen, according to a new report, which also highlights that Iran is one of few countries to still carry out public executions and sentence children to death.

As Crackdown Continues, Signs Point to Targeting of Women’s and minorities’ Rights Activists

By Edward Carny

In the midst of a broad-ranging crackdown on dissent, authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have taken aim at a number of specific groups. Since the beginning of 2018, multiple reports have emerged to suggest stepped-up persecution of women’s rights activists, labor organizers, conservationists, demographers, and others. In many cases, the persecution consists of arrests and trials that are based on vague applications of Iranian law, as when persons have been charged with unspecified national security crimes and interrogated for the sake of building any case that becomes available.

Reports Emphasize Both General and Specific Trends in Iranian Human Rights Abuses

By Edward Carny

The United Nations and Amnesty International each recently contributed to a long series of reports concerning ongoing human rights abuses and crackdowns on dissent in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the broader Middle East.

As Crackdown on Activists Continues, Foreign Appeals Fall on Deaf Ears

By Mahmoud Hakamian

A group of 26 members of the European Parliament sent a letter to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday, urging him to intercede in the case of eight environmental activists who are currently standing trial after having been detained for about a year in absence of specific criminal charges. At the time of their arrests in January and February of 2018, the members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation were vaguely accused of using their credentials as conservation researchers to conceal some manner of intelligence-gathering activities, ostensibly on behalf of one or more foreign governments.

stop Iran’s persecution of Christians

By INU Staff

INU- The world must stop referring to the Iranian government, run by President Hassan Rouhani, as "moderate”, when their abuse of Christians displays anything but moderation, according to political scientist, Dr Majid Rafizadeh.

Crackdown on Activists is a Sign of Tehran’s Broader Rejection of Human Rights

By Edward Carney

A number of recent reports have highlighted the ongoing persecution of specific activists’ groups in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many of these have focused on the trial of eight environmentalists who have been held in Evin Prison for over a year, on the basis of vague accusations that they were using their professional expertise in ecological issues as a pretext for spying.

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