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Iran suppresses protest over lack of response to floods using Iraqi militias

By INU Staff

INU - The Iranian Regime has sent Iraqi militants, associated with the terrorist Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and Quds Force, into flood-hit areas of Khuzestan Province under the guise of distributing relief. However, the world should not be fooled.

By INU Staff

INU - Buildings erected by the Iranian army and police force, including a barrier and a leisure and entertainment complex,  intensified the recent deadly flash floods in Shiraz southern Iran, according to a report by the fact-finding committee of the city council.

The report read: "During past three decades, nearly 130 hectares of lands in the "Quran Gate" basin have been affected by man-made structures that have prevented the water to be absorbed into the ground and intensified the floods in Shiraz."

Iran Regime brings Iraqi mercenaries across border to flood-hit areas to suppress the people

By INU Staff

INU - Since mid-March, towns, cities and villages across Iran have been dealing with the devastating after-effects of massive flooding. The situation has been spreading further across the country and the Khorasan, Hormozgan and Kerman provinces are now dealing with the crisis.

Iran cracks down on protests rather than dealing with floods

By INU Staff

INU - As horrific floods are still battering Iran and targeting more cities and villages by the day, the Iranian Regime is not only failing to protect the people of Iran but actively punishing them for trying to protect each other or calling the Regime out on its lacklustre response.

Iran’s Floods are a Venue for Further Regime Repression

By Mahmoud Hakamian

On April 8, Iran Human Rights Monitor reported that at least four individuals in Iran’s capital city had been arrested for speaking out about the effects of recent flooding and the woefully inadequate government response.

Iran civil activist re-arrested on unknown charges

By INU Staff

INU - Iranian civil rights activist Yasaman Aryani was arrested on April 10 for unknown reasons, following a raid on her Tehran home by state security forces, according to a video posted on social media by her mother.


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