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A 20-year-old from a political family was abducted by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in order to put pressure on his family. He has been taken to an undisclosed location. Follow ups by his family and friends have been in vain so far.

Concurrent with implementing a wave of assassinations of public figures and the active youth in the Baluchestan province, the Iranian regime has ratcheted up the pressure on the political prisoners as well, including insults and psychological and physical tortures and destroying their belongings.

A prisoner of conscious who suffered months of psychological and physical torture died outside prison while half paralyzed.Kayvan Masoumi was affiliated with a special religious theosophy in Iran and was arrested because of his beliefs and holding classes in this respect. He spent eight months in 2013 in the intelligence ministry prison of Shiraz (central Iran).

The mullahs’ Regime in Iran, in the past Persian year ending 20 March 2014, has executed at least 25 women albeit the fact that reports from inside Iran put the number considerably higher.

Following Amnesty International’s call, the families of two Arab political prisoners condemned to death that referred to the security and judicial organs of the regime in the city of Ahvaz (southwestern Iran) to find out about the fate of their children were threatened with arrest.

Seven political prisoners from Evin Prison wrote a letter calling on the human rights activists and for the intervention of international bodies to stop the trend of depriving prisoners in Iran’s prisons from medical care and treatment.


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