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Iran: 10 Dervishes Prisoners: “If Our Demands Are Not Met, We Will Start a ‘Dry’ Hunger Strike”

As of now, close to 3,000 Dervishes have begun their hunger strike outside the prisons, in solidarity with the ones imprisoned.

On Sunday, March 9th, 2014, state security forces attacked Dervishes who had planned a gathering in front of the Tehran Judicial building. The security forces beat participants and arrested many of them. In a similar incident, more than 50 Dervishes men who had gathered in front of the Bazaar main gate were arrested. The forces also attacked the Dervishes women, striking them with batons and forced them into police vans and taking them to Evin Prison. 20 Dervishes were arrested from the gathering in front of the Tehran judicial building; they too were forced into the police van and were driven to Evin Prison. 

The arrest of the Dervishes, who are from the town of Gonabad, and the threats and beatings, the use of tear gas, batons and air rifles are all among the tactics the regime has used to suppress this uprising. Despite all these challenges, the Dervishes have declared that they will continue to protest until their demands are met. Their families also denounced the attacks and declared that they are not fearful of such acts. They will also hold their gatherings until their legal demands are met.


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