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Iran’s policies are, after all, the policies of the world’s only modern theocracy. Domestically, this sort of rule justifies criminal punishments and social repression that are indefensible before the world community. The National Council of Resistance of Iran reports that in the past week, five more Iranians have been punished for not fasting during Ramadan. Four Muslims were arrested and sentenced to 70 lashes each, to be carried out in public. Meanwhile, one Christian was caught smoking and had his cigarette extinguished against his lips before being severely beaten.

The homosexual interest website Towleroad on Monday posted a trailer for a forthcoming documentary film that highlights the plight of homosexuals in the Islamic Republic, particularly those who are forced to flee, only to then find themselves waiting to receive asylum in Western countries. The site points out that the filmmakers are seeking crowd funding to complete post-production.

FIDH, a collective of human rights organizations, has issued a call to action in hopes of preventing the execution of two inmates in Iran who were minors at the time that their crimes were committed. Such sentences violate the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to both of which Iran is a signatory.

Nevertheless, Iran executed at least 27 minors, and likely more, in the six year period between 2008 and 2013. Worse still, it is known to have executed eight minors so far this year – already exceeding the average for the six year period. In other cases, including those with which FIDH is trying to intercede now, Iran keeps minors in prison until they are legally of age, and then sentences them to death.

The two young people are facing imminent execution. One of them, Rasoul Holoumi, would have been pardoned by the family of the boy he fatally wounded in a fight, but his own family has been unable to raise the blood money that the others requested under the Islamic principle of Qisas. The other condemned person is a young woman, Razieh Ebrahimi, who allegedly murdered her husband when she was 17, after being forced to marry him at 14.



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