Amin Khaki is a member of the Christian church in the city of Karaj. On February 5th he was summoned by the Intelligence Ministry for interrogation. The interrogator questioned Khaki for 6.5 hours and ordered him to give up his religious activities and end all relations with members of his church. Khaki firmly declined the interrogator’s demands, refusing to accept any commitment that he found against his religious beliefs. The interrogator threatened that if Khaki continued his religious practices he would be summoned again for interrogation.

This is not the first time Khaki has run into trouble because of his religious beliefs. Khaki was imprisoned in Gohardasht prison 3 years ago due to his religion. There he was subject to physical and psychological torture at the hands of the Intelligence Ministry. In a sham trial he was convicted to one year of suspended sentence and was released after paying a heavy bond.

The church in Karaj was raided by Intelligence Ministry agents on Christmas Eve. Agents conducting the search on church property harassed families, even small children, threatening them with future summons to the Intelligence Ministry. Along with Khaki, Pastor Behnam Irani and two other church members were also summoned.