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Summary of Repression and Violations of Human Rights in Iran in October 2019

the forgotten Human rights in Iran

The following is an overview of the human rights situation in Iran for the month of October.

At least 20 death sentences were implemented in Iran in the month of October in 10 prisons, 11 cities, and 10 provinces, according to news reports. The number of executions in Iran in October was higher than the previous month. At least 17 male inmates and one woman were executed in prison and two men were hanged in public. Iranian authorities routinely report executions with a delay, and on many occasions, the executions are carried out in secret - therefore the true number of executions is believed to be much higher.

Executions were carried out in the Central Prisons of Sanandaj, Rasht (Lacan Prison), Bandar Abbas, Zanjan, Karaj, Kerman, Mashhad (Vakil Abad Prison), Sepidar Ahvaz, Shiraz (Adel Abad Prison), and Gohardasht (Rajai-Shahr) Prison in Karaj. Most executions took place in Gohardasht Prison.


In October, at least 1276 people were arrested, which is twice as many as the previous month. Figures for the arrests were as follows:

Arbitrary arrests:
In October, there were at least 1017 arbitrary arrests, two times more than the previous month. Some 260 of the arrests were made under the pretext of illegal hunting, 67 people were charged with participating in a mixed party, and 687 on charges of being a mob. They were arrested by the police, the intelligence service of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS). During the past year, many people have been arrested on the pretext of illegal hunting, indicating the deteriorating economic situation of people who are resorting to hunting for their livelihoods.

Arrests of followers of other religions:
Six Iranian Baha'is were arrested in October by the IRGC’s intelligence services and the MOIS.

Political arrests:
During this month, 217 people were arrested by security forces, intelligence officers and IRGC intelligence services on the pretext of co-operating with Kurdish parties, participating in the anniversary of a civil activist, rallying against Syrian Kurdish repression, advertising against the system, and participating in labor protests. In October, the number of political detentions was three times more than the previous month.

Social arrests:
In October, 36 people were arrested under the pretext of disrupting the economic system, gambling, and taking bribes by law enforcement.


According to recorded news, there were cases of physical, mental and psychological torture and amputation in October. It is worth noting that the statistics are a small part of the reality and the actual statistics have not been published due to the suppression ambiance.

Physical Torture:
In October, there were two cases of physical torture against prisoners:
- Political prisoner Ayoub Rigi was subjected to the most brutal physical torture in Zahedan’s IRGC intelligence prison.
- Aram Zamani was beaten by security guards after a clash with another inmate in Sanandaj prison.

Psychological Torture:
 In October, there were seven cases of psychological torture against prisoners:
- Poet and writer Rahim Gholami, a prisoner in the Ardebil Central Prison despite being in poor health, was denied access to the hospital.

- Soheil Arabi, a political prisoner in Evin Prison, was denied access to the hospital for refusing to wear prison clothes and being cuffed during transfer.

- Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner in the Urmia Central Prison, was banned from pursuing his illness outside prison.

- Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, a political prisoner of Karaj Central Prison, was transferred to solitary confinement after a hunger strike.

- Reza Riyazat, a political prisoner of Karaj Central Prison, was transferred to solitary confinement after a hunger strike.

- Majid Asadi, a political prisoner of Gohardasht Prison, was denied access to the hospital for refusing to wear prison clothes.

- Motaleb Ahmadian, a prisoner of Gohardasht Prison, was denied access to the hospital due to authorities' delay in transferring his medical file.


A prisoner’s hand was amputated in prison for robbery.

Arbitrary murder:

According to news reports, nine porters, tradesmen and other civilians were killed by various security agencies of the regime in shootings.
- One prisoner committed suicide after being beaten by prison guards and transferred to solitary confinement.




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