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Abolfazl Rajabi, 20, was arrested in August 2013 by police in the town of Miyaneh, in Azerbaijan province, northwestern Iran. He died several days later due to torture at the hands of security forces. His body was buried at his hometown 6 months later on February 16th, 2014. His father, Ali Rajabi, published an audio statement claiming that his son had been murdered at the police station, due to heavy blows to his body. Ali Rajabi told the Bahar state newspaper: “A day before the incident I saw him, he was fine and had no problems. But on Sunday that I went to the police station I was told that he had killed himself." Alireza Daghighi, the lawyer for Abolfazl Rajabi’s case, told the same newspaper: “Abolfazl Rajabi was a healthy person. He had no record of psychological problems or tendencies to commit suicide. He was your normal young man and had never hurt himself.” However, Hossein Moharami, the prosecutor of Miyaneh, told Bahar at that time: “Abolfazl Rajabi has hanged himself using the thin rope of his Kurdish pant. He abused the opportunity and hanged himself by the rope of his pant.” And now, while permission for his burial has been issued, they are justifying the delay in handing over his body by pointing to the cause of his death. According to Abolfazl’s friends, 6 months later there is still no report on this incident and no one has been held responsible for the murder of this young man. This case is one of many the Iranian regime hopes to sweep under the rug.


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