According to the report of the Iranian regime’s official news agency IRNA and Mehr agency , the brutal verdict of cutting off a defendant’s right hand and left foot was confirmed. The accused was charged with robbery and is awaiting implementation of the verdict. The deputy prosecutor of Shiraz (central Iran) and city court administrator said on February 19: “An individual by the initials of A.Z. was charged with robbery in complicity with two others and sentenced to death. He was hanged in public this morning in Koozegari square in Shiraz following confirmation of his verdict by the head of the judiciary mullah Sadeq Larijani. Judge Kourosh Zarei, deputy prosecutor, added: “One of his accomplices who was injured during his arrest died in hospital in Shiraz due to severity of his injuries. His other accomplice was sentenced to right hand and left foot cut-off after arrest and trial and the verdict is confirmed.” This is while on Tuesday, February 18, the clerical regime hanged 20 prisoners in a series of group executions in different cities of the country. Eight prisoners in Ghezel Hessar prison, five prisoners in Bandar Abbas, four prisoners in Kerman, and three prisoners in Qazvin were executed.