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80-Year-Old Flogged and denied Urgent Medical Care

Khoy Prison, where Salbi Marandi was lashed; She is the mother of Behrouz Behrouz Zinal Nejad who died in Khoy Prison last year during a hunger strike.

Salbi Marandi was lashed 70 times on November 28 and was unable to move when the assault stopped but was still taken straight to Khoy prison to serve her eight months in prison. 

Marandi is the mother of Behrouz Zinal Nejad who died in Khoy Prison last year during a hunger strike. Prison officials claimed he committed suicide, but his family rejected this claim after seeing his body, Kurdistan Human Rights Network said. 

His family went to the office of the head of prison and reports indicate that the prison official and the prison judge reacted wrongly. During the meeting, an argument ensued and some office appliances were damaged. 

Then, the regime officials filed charges against the family and the Khoy Public Court sentenced Marandi and her daughter Atefeh to 70 lashes and eight months of prison each. 

So far, Atefeh has not turned up to court for the implementation of her flogging sentence. 

Flogging is method of torture, which is not used by civilized governments, but has been commonplace under the Iranian regime for the past 40 years and is used to punish over 100 offenses under Irans Islamic Penal Code. This is how the mullahs tried to keep control over the Iranian people and show that the regime is on the brink of collapse. 

Elsewhere in Iran, a man was sentenced to death for posting content on social media that was deemed “blasphemous”, according to the state-run news agency ROKNA. 

The 39-year-old man, who was only identified by his first name as Meisam, was sentenced to prison, flogging and a fine, by the criminal court in Alborz for posts that he wrote on the messaging app Telegram. 

The court refused to accept his “penitence”, according to the report, saying that his actions were carried out under the influence of “dissident groups”. This sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court, meaning it cannot be appealed. 

Meisam was also charged with “possession of a gun and pepper spray”, “drinking alcohol”, “blasphemy”, “possession of homemade alcoholic beverages”, and “spreading propaganda against the state”. Most of these are not considered crimes in the West, with some countries considering none of these a crime. 

The Iranian Regime is the world record holder in executions per capita but its rare for the regime to execute Iranians over blasphemous internet content. 

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