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Already Deplorable Human Rights Situation in Iran Deteriorating Rapidly Since Onset of Uprising

Already Deplorable Human Rights Situation in Iran Deteriorating Rapidly Since Onset of Uprising

For decades, people have been denied the most basic of human rights. They have been suppressed and denied freedoms in most areas of their lives. On top of all of this, the people have watched the regime plunder the nation’s wealth on terrorist and extremist activities. While the regime has been funding various militias and proxy groups across the region, pouring billions of dollars into spreading chaos across the region and working on its ballistic missile and nuclear programs, the people have been falling further into the absolute poverty category.

For quite a while, the human rights situation has been deteriorating. Since the start of the current wave of protests, more than one thousand protesters have been killed. Included in this number are children.

Furthermore, there have been more than four thousand people injured after being shot indiscriminately by suppressive forces. Reports from people working in hospitals in the country indicate that a significant portion of those with gunshot wounds – those still alive and those who were killed – had been shot at in the head or chest, often at point-blank range or from behind.

There have also been more than 12,000 protesters arrested. The Iranian regime’s parliament, or Majlis as it is known, has acknowledged through its National Security Committee that there have been thousands of arrests in the past few weeks. It has, however, grossly underestimated the estimated number of arrests – giving the figure of 7,000.  

Iran Human Rights Monitor Reported that reports from inside the country indicate many of the protesters that are being detained have been severely tortured, with some needing hospital treatment after having bones broken. There have also been reports indicating that agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have been sexually violent towards prisoners, with some prisoners claiming to have been raped.

This situation is horrifying because the arrests are already a violation of free speech and the right to peacefully protest. But the additional abuse that the detainees are put through should immediately alert the international community and the United Nations Security Council.

There have been so many arrests that schools are being turned into makeshift detention centers.

Another major concern regarding the regime’s disregard of human rights is the internet shutdown that the regime has carried out. It has denied the people the right to have access to information and it has denied them their right to communicate.

Furthermore, the Iranian regime has warned protesters that they will be punished for participating in protests. A number of senior regime officials have said that the “leaders” in the protests would face the death penalty.


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