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Arrested youths tortured in Iranian city of Nishapur

Reports claim that among the 70 people arrested, dozens of them were young women who were transferred to a center of the Basij paramilitary militia, located in Janbazan Street. Some of them were transferred to the judicial office situated in Bonyad-e-Shahid Boulevard. All the people who were arrested in the parties were tortured and beaten brutally, according to reports from local informed people.

None of the detainees were released sooner than the evening of May 24.

The head of the fundamentalist Basij in Nishapur precinct, Ali-Akbar Hosseini, announced on May 21 that his forces were recently alerted to a so-called “obscene party” in the city. During the raid, 14 boys and 14 girls were arrested and transferred to a local police station.

A second party was raided on May 20, leading to the arrest of over 40 participants, Hosseini told the state-run Fars news agency on May 21.

Mixed-gender partying has been illegal in Iran since the fundamentalist regime came to power in 1979. However, many continue to flout the risk of imprisonment and corporal punishment to continue their revelry.

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