Called, “30,000 Souls Taken,” The  Media Express called the exhibition of photographs and artefacts, “a chilling evocation.”  

Craig Davison interviewed Jacques Boutault, Mayor of Paris’ 2nd arrondissement and the host of the event, who spoke of the killings taking place “in the greatest secrecy within Iran’s prisons.” He continued, “Today, those responsible for the massacre are still in power in Iran.”  The international community must speak the truth and press for political change in Iran so that Iranians “can practise democracy and a free form of Islam,” Boutault said.

French politician, Rama Yade, also attended the event. “We have a duty, a mission, to help [Maryam Rajavi] to introduce liberty and human rights in [Iran],” she said.

Rassoul Asghari, an exile in France, was also interviewed by The Media Express. Asghari, who was once the editor of Iranian state-run newspaper, Sarmayeh, said, “the injury that occurred in 1988 has still not been repaired..The families of the victims have not stopped seeking justice for their loved ones.”

Many of those executed were university students. Many had already served their sentences. Teenagers and pregnant women were not spared. “Annihilate the enemies of Islam immediately,” Khomeini’s fatwa decreed.