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Increasing Pressure on Iran’s Minorities

On May 1st Iranian regime authorities locked and closed a number of stores and searched houses belonging to Baha’i minorities in Isfahan Province (central Iran), reports indicate.

Security agents in Shaheen Shahr closed 18 Baha’i stores without prior notices.

The homes of two Bahai’s were also searched and inspected by security agents as government forces resorted to threats and repulsive behavior.

During the past few days police had demanded legal papers from storeowners and without providing any reason they said the next time they come the stores will be closed. These stores were closed after Baha’is practiced their religious ceremonies.

In the city of Kashan, central Iran, security agents disguised as postal workers went to the homes of two Baha’is and searched the residence after presenting a ruling accusing them of measures against national security.

The agents confiscated all private items, books and other religious items, including computers and mobile phones of these family members.

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