The United States has hoped for regime change in Iran too and there are signs that it is a real possibility for the near future.

In 1979, the majority of the people wanted the Islamic Republic as their government, giving legitimacy to the current regime. Now, almost four decades the people want regime change after too many years of suppression.

The people of Iran are defenceless and can no longer afford to be met with silence vis-à-vis the United States. However, some experts are saying that this should be the US approach because anything else will weaken the reformist position. But they are not listening to the people of Iran who say that the reformists and hardliners are one and the same.

Those who call on the United States to remain silent say that it will hamper any chance of democratic change. Yet if we look back on past events, we will see that the opposite happens. There have been two so called reformist presidents in the past ten years – Mohammad Khatami and current president Rouhani. Khatami became president after the EU recalled their ambassadors, making his appointment the only way out of isolation for Iran. He hypocritically made a positive impression on the West. A similar situation happened later, thus the appointment of Rouhani.

When Rouhani took office, some people falsely hoped that there would be a change in the country. Only that never happened. But the West hung on to the idea of “moderation” and remained silent.
What will it take for the international community to see that “reformist” and “moderate” are just labels with no substance? Anyone can call themselves a moderate, but it is only true if the actions match the name.

The people of Iran are subject to cruel and unfair crackdowns and it is the responsibility of the international community to speak out against this. The United States and the West place great importance on democracy, freedom and human rights and it must be something that is upheld for everyone – even those far away.

Furthermore, Iran is such a threat – not just to the Middle East, but to the world as a whole – that putting an end to its rule of terror will be good for everyone. President Trump can see this and has warned the Iranian regime that the United States is watching. He said that he will provide the people of Iran with the support that is needed when the time is right. Here’s to hoping the West follows suit.