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Iran: 1200 Citizens Arrested in Tehran Over the Past 8 Months for Using Cyberspace

ISNA news agency reports that Police chief, Hossein Sajedi-Nia said, “Dealing with vi-olations and crimes in cyberspace is one of the priorities of police in Tehran, and in this regard, officers of Fata Police (cyber-police) monitor and observe cyberspace and social media activities, deal with the crimes and violations, and address the com-plaints.”

Of the arrests of more than 1200 cyberspace activists Sajedi-Nia said, “In the first 8 months of the year, 986 men and 298 women accused of committing cyberspace viola-tion were identified and arrested by Tehran’s Fata Police.”  He expressed the Iranian regime’s fear of cyberspace and social media saying, “Cyberspace is a very extensive and complex world that easily puts untrained users into trouble, and if the user does not have a certain goal, he (or she) would perhaps fall into the trap of deviation and abuse by opportunistic people.”

On December 23, the NCRI wrote that millions of young Iranians turn to the Internet and social media to exchange information freely. This has terrified the regime, and de-spite its requests to the public to stop using cyberspace, as well as its implementation of censorship and filtering, threatening and arresting, more and more people, especial-ly the informed youth, are using cyberspace.


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