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Iran: 8 Facebook Activists Sentenced to 127 Years in Prison

According to this report, the 8 Facebook activists have been sentenced a combined total of 127 years in prison by the Islamic Revolution Court. The activists were managing some Facebook pages before they were arrested in June 2013.

The case was evaluated in Branch VI of the investigation court (Evin Court). After an indictment was issued in February 2013, the case was referred for investigation to Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Moghiseh.

The defendants are from various Iranian cities, including Yazd, Shiraz, Abadan, Kerman and Tehran. Their case is about 11 volumes.The first court hearing was held on April 14, 2014 to address the charges, and following a few sessions the court ruling was issued on April 29.

The first 2 defendants have been sentenced to 18 and 19 years imprisonment, one million and 300 thousand Tomans fine and 50 lashes. Other defendants have been sentenced to 21, 14, 20, 8, 11, and 16 years imprisonment, respectively. The names of these young men have not been revealed yet and their case was sent to the appeal court. The court branch to address the issue has not yet determined.

Facebook and other popular social websites such as Twitter and YouTube are officially banned in Iran. This is while some regime officials, including President Hassan Rohani and foreign minister Mohammad JavadZarif, are hypocritically active in social networks. 


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