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Iran: A letter from an imprisoned blogger to international human rights defender bodies

From the onset that my apartment was raided by agents of the Intelligence Ministry and arrested, I have been interrogated, beaten up and tortured. I was in solitary confinement for eight months and had no contact with my relatives. I was placed under unbearable pressures and deprived of all the rights of the accused. I have been constantly threatened with death and execution and even during my detention in the Intelligence Ministry they blindfolded me and had me go up a stool pretending that they are going to hang me. 

My fate as a blogger and a political prisoner is just one example of the fates of thousands of victims of discrimination and violation of human rights by the Iranian regime.

The totalitarian regime in Iran has imposed a suffocating oppression on the society such that there is not even one dissident or critique that can freely express his opinion or use his freedom of expression in any newspaper or media inside the country.

The Iranian regime has made into law and implements a set of shameful and anti-human punishments such as murder, Qisas, execution, stoning, cutting off hands and feet, gouging out eyes, throwing off the cliff, throwing into fire, and lashing that each and every one of them is absolute barbarianism and an example of crime against humanity.

It is my belief that any change in the closed conditions of today’s Iranian society and suppression necessitates fundamental change in the political infrastructure and the laws of the system.

Mohammad-reza Pourshajari, pseudonym Siyamak Mehr, blogger of the weblog, “Report to Iran’s Soil”, Karaj

Karaj central prison(near Tehran), 25 March 2014


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