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Iran Dissidents Speak out About Ongoing Massacre

Iran Dissidents Speak out About Ongoing Massacre

Some former prisoners told the Daily Star Online about their horrific experiences in the regime’s torture chambers, during a meeting in north London, with Omid, 21, who moved to the UK as a child with his parents, serving as the translator.

Omid’s dad, Ahmad Ibrahimi, was Tehran in prison from 1981 to 1991 for supporting the MEK and sentenced to suspended execution. When he refused to denounce the MEK, prison guards beat him and vowed to do worse if he didn’t do what they said.

Eventually, after severe pressure, Ahmad denounced the MEK after being in prison for nearly eight years and was spared execution. He was taken to Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, blindfolded and made to wait all day in a room with 90 other prisoners until his name was called.

Ahmad’s wife Farzane MajidiBottom of Form

 lost five family members to the regime, including a brother arrested in 1981 at just 16-years-old. The family has asked after him at every prison, until one day two Revolutionary Guards came to the family home, handed them a bag of his clothes, and announced that they killed him and wanted money for the bullet. Farzane recounted that her mother was so traumatized she didn’t speak for three years.

Another of her brothers was tortured so badly that he’s lost control over most of his body.

Another victim of the Regime, who did not wish to give his name, explained that the prison guards made him torture his brother.

He said: “For one of the tortures, I was stretched out on my brother’s chest on a torture rack, and my feet and legs were lashed 150 times. I was made to beat my brother, and when I wouldn’t comply, prison guards beat us both harder.”

He further explained that he’d also been kept suspended from the ceiling, taken to the gallows twice, and described the mass killings.

He said: “Bodies were dumped behind Ward 4 of Evin Prison. Prisoners were lined up and shot, some 30-40 at a time. If any of the prisoners survived the first bullets they were shot in the throat by the guards. Then the bodies were dumped in the back of a Mercedes Benz lorry, and as it drove away, all you could see was blood pouring out of the back of the lorry.”

The MEK’s UK mission released a statement, which read: “You would never see this sort of occurrence in the UK. When we speak to British people, it is so hard for them to even comprehend such a thing. The regime is not done with the PMOI, it won’t stop until it kills all of their members. We want all international leaders to bring the Iranian regime to justice and to demand to know why the massacre took place. We want individuals like Pourmohammadi brought in front of an international tribunal, so the world hears the extent of their crimes.”

The MEK now has an official headquarters in Albania, where its members continue their struggle against the Iranian regime.


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