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Iran given spot on UN Council for women, despite human rights abuses against women

In fact, this decision was announced at the same time that the Regime is causing outrage internationally for sentencing Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights activist, lawyer, and holder of the Sakharov Prize, a long prison term and 148 lashes for merely defending people arrested for protesting the forced hijab.

Iranian women have also been majorly involved in the nationwide uprising that began in December 2017 and spread to 160 cities shortly after. These people are chanting anti-regime slogans and making it clear that the mullahs need to go.

In the past year, Iranian women took part in over 1,500 pickets, strikes, sit-ins, rallies and marches to demand that the Regime respect the human rights of the Iranian people, compared with 436 protests in the previous year.

In the 2019 Annual Report from the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), it is shown that the Iranian women protesting come from all age groups, all occupations, all social classes, and all ethnicities. All Iranian women want the corrupt rulers removed from power.

This is something that even the Regime has been forced to admit, with many Revolutionary Guard commanders confessing to increased arrests of Iranian women for protesting, something that Amnesty International said signals a human rights crisis in Iran.

Human Rights Watch urged Iran to drop all charges against protesters for peaceful assembly and release those detained, while the UN General Assembly has called on the Regime to end “widespread restrictions” on personal freedoms and the “harassment and intimidation” of political opponents, human rights defenders, workers, students and environmental activists.
And all of this is happening against a backdrop of regional interference, terrorist plots in Europe, and attacks on Iranian dissidents orchestrated by the Iranian Regime and their proxies.

Hassan Mahmoudi, a human rights advocate and journalist, wrote: “The appointment of Iran at U.N. Women’s Rights Committee has not a significant effect because the right solution lies in the hands of a young organized generation risen in this path demanding the regime’s overthrow. they formed resistance units who lead the protests and strikes and draw the conclusion and have ultimate say on the streets.”

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