One of the wonders in the Iranian regime is the creation of an institution inside its Judiciary, named ‘Human Rights Headquarters’.

Make no mistake this institution is not created to ease the regime’s brutal verdicts or to oversee the inhuman behaviors of the regime’s judiciary and prison officials.

This institution is not created to apply intrusive visits from the regime’s notorious prisons and fight for the rights of the prisoners especially those who were tortured and finally reveal and condemn the inhuman actions of the authorities.

The duty of this institution is not to abolish the death sentence and call it illegal. Instead, the goal of this institution is to protect the regime’s inhuman acts, by finding excuses for them and theorizing the regime’s actions and helping the regime to confront the accepted international human rights laws in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This misusing of the expressions in the regime is nothing new and is not specified to human rights. Many words have become victims of the regime’s deception like ‘Republic’, ‘President’, ‘Election’, ‘Constitution’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Right to vote’, ‘People’s vote’, etc. Why? To show its extreme fundamental regime friendlier and make it for the international community comprehensible and acceptable.

Therefore, when it said that, “Unfortunately, human rights are now politicized and used as a tool to achieve foreign policy goals,” means that the international community should close its eyes to the regime’s human rights violations. And should not make trouble for the regime and accept the regime’s sovereignty.

Now after the approval of the 68th resolution of the UN that is condemning human rights violations by the Iranian government, Kazem Gharibabadi secretary of the Iran regime’s Human Rights Headquarters defended the regime’s inhuman laws and said:

“The resolution criticizes the volume of executions in Iran. It should be noted that the issue of the ban on the death penalty is a Western phenomenon. If the death penalty is abolished in Western law, should it be extended to all countries and become a universal standard?

“At least 55 countries still retain the death penalty in their laws. The fact that Western countries pursue the universality of their standards is contrary to human rights and respect for the principle of cultural diversity and national law.” (State-run daily Entekhab, December 18, 2021)

Then he defends the execution of minorities and said: “The majority of people under the age of 18 who are sentenced to death are in principle sentenced to retribution. A distinction must be made between execution and retribution; Because execution is the right of the government, but retribution is the right of the victim’s family.” (State-run daily Entekhab, December 18, 2021)

Then he revealed the regime’s extremely inhuman nature and said: “Another issue raised in this resolution is the death penalty for persons under 18 years of age. It should be noted that there is no international obligation to ensure that persons under the age of 18 do not receive the death penalty.” (State-run daily Entekhab, December 18, 2021)

This is the sad tragedy that the Iranian people are facing daily. And this is something that gives the people the right to confront the regime fight for their freedom.