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Iran – Hassan Rouhani: Wave of executions is law and we just implement it

This speech on April 19 was reported by the state-run news agency of Tasnim.

In this meeting Rouhani called on the notorious security police agents for good behavior with the people. But added: “If somebody commits a crime he should be punished. But according to the morals and law… when somebody is condemned to death and according to the law goes to the gallows, we have no right to insult him when he is taken to the gallows”. In face of people’s despise for government and security agents he once again asked the police in his speech not to insult the people and not to write untrue arrest reports. 

From the beginning of Rouhani’s term as mullahs’ President, the number of executions has unprecedentedly increased. The Amnesty International announced that in 2013, seven-hundred people have been executed in Iran and normalized to the population it is the highest number of executions in the world. Most of these executions (more than 67%) were carried out during Rouhani’s term and at least 30 executions involved women.          


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