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Iran: Kurdish teacher receives 20 lashes

Along with surge in executions that include minors and women, degrading punishments such as lashing in public and parading people in streets also has increased since Hassan Rouhani has taken office.

On March3, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (Police) paraded a man in streets of a town in Tehran province to demonstrate ‘police and judiciary toughness’ in public.

The commander of police told a state-run news agency: ‘After hard work by the state security forces and intelligence measures taken, an evil person was arrested and … paraded in the streets of town of Pishva as punishment, and to demonstrate the toughness of police and the judiciary.”

On January 22, three university students were lashed in public in the city of Shahrekord after bogus accusations of selling and drinking alcoholic beverages.

The three, all studying Management at Shahrekord Azad University, were convicted of charges trumped up by regime officials, classmates said. The three students were lashed in a crowded area of the city.

On February 5, dozens were arrested for ‘disrupting the public security and order’ in Tehran and paraded on the same day in Tehran Tajrish Square.

On February 2, thee Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (Police) paraded a man in the northern city of Rasht a day after his arrest. The man identified by his initials as A. B. had been charged with “disrupting the public security order.”

The head of police in the city, Mehrdad Mehregan, said the man had been arrested a day before and was paraded on February 2 in one of main streets in the city based on a order by judiciary officials.

In December, The Iranian regime lashed a man in public in town of Tokab in Western Azerbaijan province of Iran. The young man named Hussein Khosravi was lashed 80 times in public by the Iranian regime’s torturers.

Another man was whipped 70 lashes in public on August 29 outside his home in the city of Saveh. According to the report by state-run news network the man had been arrested on drug related charges.


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