This regime and other violators of human rights shall have liberty to abuse this lever as a tool to suppress the independent and truly non-governmental organizations and the voices yearning for freedom. 

Moreover, this is an opportunity for the clerical regime to get accreditation with the UN for its espionage and terrorist gangs under the emblem of non-governmental organizations with consulting rank. 

The membership of the clerical regime in this committee achieved through deals with other state violators of human rights in Asia, by abusing the internal mechanisms of the United Nations.

It was done by acquiring the consent of a number of countries by cultivating on the silence and inaction of Western countries for nuclear negotiations,and this is a major blow to the credibility, reputation and justifiable functions of the United Nations.

God Believers Association (GBA), which was formerly known as National Integration Assembly (NIA), World Peace Mission Body and which promotes Human Rights and Justice among other social commitments, join hands with the National Council of Resistance of Iran and all other similar organizations, who are dedicated to human rights and justice,.

GBA condemn the tactful and treacherous deploying of their influence to snatch the human rights of the innocent people in Iran; GBA strongly assails the membership of the clerical regime in this committee on the lines of Iranian Resistance. 

The world should understand that this is just an abusing tactic to spoil the reputation of the United Nations and to distract from their right path.

The present Iranian regime has been successful by laying their internal mechanisms in the United Nations, which the Iranian Regime has operated with an ulterior motto and managed to get the favor of a number of countries. 

In other words, they successfully cultivated their influence over the silence and inaction of Western countries just for the sake of nuclear negotiations, nothing else.

This is undoubtedly a big blow to the credibility, reputation and functionality of the United Nations.

Iran’s selection to the UN NGO Committee is taking place while, on the one hand, the UN General Assembly and other UN bodies have so far adopted 60 resolutions to condemn the systematic and brutal violation of human rights in Iran and on the other hand, the henchmen ruling Iran have conducted a raid on the political prisoners in these past days under the pretext that the political prisoners have connections with the UN Rapporteur.

In this raid, they injured and battered the political prisoners and transferred them to solitary confinement with broken heads and hands, tying them to the beds with chains and preventing minimum medical treatment to the critically wounded. 

As per the sources of the Iranian Resistance, the group executions, including that of minors, continues unabated and the number of executions during the office of Rouhani, the new President of the mullahs, has topped 700 and barbaric punishments such as cutting off the limbs, gouging out the eyes, and cutting off the ears continue.

Under these circumstances, the cruel rule of the clerical regime must be banished from the United Nations forthwith and all of its committees and bodies for its 35-years of systematic transgression against international conventions and covenants that it is a signatory to. 

Moreover, its dossier of atrocities needs to be referred to the International Criminal Court by the United Nations Security Council.

Now it is up to the wisdom of the United Nations to smell, detect and weigh the situation, how the clerical regime of religious fundamentalism of Iran has laid their trap of foul conspiracy so tactfully keeping at stake the highest reputation of the United Nations. 

Ignoring this call would mean the entire value of United Nations shall be destroyed; meaning thereby the clerical regime of Iran has become successful in dictating the terms to UN to cause cruelties over innocent.

April 27, 2014