In this report, a summary of the human rights violations in Iran over the past month, the most prominent aspects of the regime’s brutality and ruthlessness are highlighted.


In April 2022, one execution, that was implemented in Karaj Central Prison, was reported. It is worth mentioning that no news has been published because of the month of Ramadan, but according to the routine of previous years, after a while, the news of secret executions will no doubt come to light.


According to reports, at least 255 people have been arrested under various headings throughout April.

Political Arrests:

At least 70 people have been charged with one of the following offenses: collaborating with the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK); propaganda against the regime; carrying and possessing weapons; igniting police cars, and claims of being in contact with foreign intelligence services. Several teachers and workers were also arrested before Teacher and May Day.

Arbitrary Arrests:

At least 181 people were arrested and charged in April because of incidents during the Chaharshanbe Suri (Festival of Fire) incidents, the publication of immoral images on the Internet.

The arrest of religious minorities:

Four Baha’is and Christian converts were arrested to serve their prison sentences. Many religious minorities are apprehended simply because their faith and beliefs do not fall in line with the mullahs’ fundamentalist Islamic faith.


Vahid Afkari, a political prisoner in Shiraz Central Prison who defended another prisoner, was severely beaten and the prison guards broke his hand while he was detained in solitary confinement.

Omid Sheikhi, Saman Mirki, and Arman Salimi, arrested on March 23 for participating in the Nowruz celebrations in Sanandaj, were severely tortured in the Sanandaj IRGC Intelligence Detention Center, known as the Amfar Detention Center. Mirki sustained a severe injury to his head. In addition to beating them, IRGC intelligence agents also shaved their heads to humiliate them.

Political prisoner Ahmad Reza Jalali was beaten at Evin Prison Medical Center after protesting that the prison’s pharmacy did not give him his medicines.

A 25-year-old prisoner named Milad Jafari was detained by police and following his death in custody, his body was handed over to his family at the forensic office a few days later with bruises and wounds on his face.

Political prisoners Arjang Davoodi and Abdolrasoul Mortazavi were transferred to solitary confinement in the quarantine ward of Gohardasht Prison, known as the camera room. Mortazavi had been sent there following a dispute with a prison official.

Salaheddin Sharifzadeh, a political prisoner in Khalkhal Prison, has suffered from heart problems four times in the last two weeks, but prison officials have prevented him from being transferred to a public hospital for treatment.

Alireza Saghafi, a civil activist in Karaj Central Prison, was also prevented from being sent to a hospital outside of the prison, despite his poor physical condition.

Hatem Ozdemir, a Kurdish political prisoner sentenced to death, is still being denied access to medical services despite suffering from kidney stones for several years and his doctors’ advice to undertake surgery.

Afkham Ebrahimi, a political prisoner who has been imprisoned in Evin Prison for almost 3 years, has contracted oral and dental diseases, but despite many follow-ups, he has not been sent to medical centers outside the prison.

Arbitrary killings:

Safar Sobhani, a porter, and Arash Nouri were killed when the Border Regiment opened fire on them at the border areas of Nosud.

Another porter, 37-year-old Soleiman Ebrahimzadeh was shot and killed in the Beitosh border area of ​​Sardasht, while Munir Mohammadzehi, 38, was shot dead by Rah-e Khash police officers in his car while he was transporting fuel.

As a result of the shooting by the officers of the Mersad unit in the Kahnooj-Iranshahr axis, near the village of Peng, a car occupied by two fuel porters caught fire and overturned, killing both occupants. One of the men was identified as Aman Ghanbarzehi.

Another fuel porter named Hossein Shanboohi was killed by police on the Kahnooj-Islamabad highway in the south of Rudbar. His car also overturned and caught fire.

Mohammad Islam Dehghani’s car overturned when he was shot by Rusk security agents, while Haidar Sina was killed by regime naval officers of Kuhstak port on suspicion of carrying fuel. They shot him without any warning.

Shahram Bamri, a teacher, and Islam Bamri, were traveling on the Iranshahr-Khash highway when they were shot dead by IRGC officers in the Abkhan plain without any warning.

Mosayeb Mobarak Marandegan was killed by the police while riding a motorcycle in Pehreh, and Samir Zargani, 32, was shot dead by police on the road from Ahvaz to Sheiban.

Milad Jafari, 25, was detained by police in Tehran and lost his life while in custody. His body was handed over to his family at the Kahrizak forensic office with visible signs of torture.