INU – The Iranian regime has warned that more draconian security measures will come into force – including a crackdown on the rights of women – amid fears among the ruling elite of further public uprisings.

Ibrahim Raeisi – the first deputy of the regime’s judicial system – said anyone causing social disorder would be ‘dealt with seriously’.

Raeisi said: “If we loosen our stance, people will take advantage. We shouldn’t disregard the role of the anti-vice police in the society. If the enemy learns of any sensitive issue, then they will take the next steps.

“The judicial system will seriously deal with anyone trying to cause disorder in the society.”

The latest round of oppressive measures against women has been in force since April, with strict dress codes and the wearing of veils being heavily enforced on the streets.

The move is part of the ‘public security plan’ first launched in April 2007.