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Iran Prisons See Executions as a Way to Distract From Coronavirus

Iran’s judicial system remains among the most brutal in the world. Iran executes more people per capita than any other country and carries out more total executions than any nation

Many political prisoners onward four of Evin Prison have contracted Coronavirus, exhibiting dry coughs, fevers, shivering, and diarrhea, but the regime has refused to release them, quarantine them, or treat them. This means that they have essentially been condemned to death.

However, the horrors do not end there. The regime is terrified of an uprising that will overthrow them, so they are attempting to intimidate the public by conducting daily executions in various parts of the country during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Since April 20, scores of prisoners have been hanged have been executed in Iran.

On Tuesday, April 28 the regime hanged two prisoners in Urmia, one in Sanandaj, and another in Kermanshah. On April 27, a prisoner was hanged in Sanandaj. On April 24, two further prisoners were hanged there.

On April 23, seven prisoners were executed in Gohardasht prison, two in Dastgerd-Isfahan, two in Shiraz, and one each in Kermanshah, Zahedan, Sanandaj, Tabriz, and Khalkhal.

On April 22, the regime executed juvenile prisoner Shayan Saeedpour, who was just 17 when he was arrested, for taking part in a prison break in Saqqez on March 27.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), called on the international community, especially the Security Council, once again to stop the executions and secure the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners, particularly political prisoners.

She said: “Silence vis-à-vis the atrocities perpetrated in prisons by the clerical regime is tantamount to disregard for humanitarian principles for which humankind has offered millions of victims.”

The regime is trying to keep their shaky grasp on power so they downplayed the effect that the coronavirus had on the country, hiding death and infection rates, telling people it was safe to go back to work, and reopening religious sites.

They want to avoid an uprising over economic matters by telling people it’s safe to go back to work, knowing that many more will die. The people are not fooled. They know that over 37,000 people have died in Iran so far. They won’t let the regime get away with this. All the regime is doing with this suppression, of the facts and the people, is buying itself more time to shoot itself in the foot.


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