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Iran, supplementary report: Death sentence of a Kurdish political prisoner confirmed

According to reports from inside Iran, at midnight of 24 March 2010, Mohammad Abdollahi was injured by direct shooting of the IRGC Intelligence Protection Forces and arrested. That same night, the IRGC forces took him to one of the IRGC military hospitals and after several hours of hospitalization, they transferred him to IRGC Intelligence Protection Detention Center in the city of Urumiyeh(North Iran). 

He was interrogated for 91 days in this security detention center on the charge of membership in one of the Kurdish parties. During this period and despite his injuries the IRGC interrogators severely beat him up many times using cables and batons to extract forced confessions such that his arm was displaced and his leg was broken at three points. One of his teeth was also broken during the beatings. 

After the 91-day period, IRGC forces transferred him to the prison of Mahabad in Kurdistan Province and he was sentenced to death in the first branch of the revolution court of Mahabad by judge Javadi-Kia. In the whole court process, Mohammad was deprived from the right to have a lawyer under the pretext that it is a security case and after that a public defender was assigned to him by the government who actually worked for the government and prison authorities.

On 21 September 2013, the death sentence of Mohammad Abdollahi was issued by the preliminary court and he was notified. After that the family of this prisoner rejected his decree but the death sentence was confirmed by the appeals court and after that by the country’s Supreme Court. In 2005, one of the brothers of this political prisoner Mohammad Amin Abdollahi was arrested by the security forces on the charge of Moharebeh and membership in one of the Kurdish parties. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison and exile to Tabass Prison (East of Iran). Currently he is serving his sentence. 

Various Iranian human rights groups have called for saving the life of this political prisoner. 


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