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Iran: Teachers’ Association Representative Believes Revolution Is Imminent

Mr. Hashim Khastar said that the Secretary of Teachers’ Association of Iran, Isamil Abdi, was at home on medical leave when he was kidnapped by agents of the regime. He was not even given the chance to get the medication that he needs. Mr. Khastar pointed out that the Iranian regime acts as though it is above the law.

He also emphasised that the way Iran is run is far from the principles of Islam. He said: “The ruling system in Iran has nothing to do with Islam and that the system is the result of corruption, murder, looting and prostitution. After the government coup in June 1980 and the repression of all parties and liberals, many intellectuals and activists argued that if the regime continues such practices, the regime will certainly become corrupt and the people will rise up against them, and we are witnessing this today.”

Mr. Khastar points out that the government ruling Iran is illegitimate and is only in place because of its use of force. He said that the people are rising up against the crimes committed by the regime, including the horrific 1988 massacre which saw more than 30,000 members of the PMOI killed.

There is a renewed call for justice and the people of Iran are ensuring that the crime against humanity is not forgotten. They want the perpetrators to be held to justice and are calling on the international community to act.

Ahmad Khatami, a member of the board of directors of the regime’s Assembly of Experts, recently said that the perpetrators of the1988 massacre should be praised. Mr. Khastar was aghast at such comments and said that he strongly condemns the massacre and recognises it as a crime against humanity that will never be forgotten.

Ali Fallahian, a former intelligence minister of the regime, recently indicated that simply being a member of the PMOI was a reason for execution. Mr. Khastar explained that the reality was even worse because even pregnant woman were killed, emphasising that the executioners had no notion of humanity.

Because of the culmination of events and incidents that the Iranian people are exposed to, and the situation they are forced to live in, Mr. Khastar believes that a revolution will be seen very soon. The more and more corruption that becomes evident every day within the regime means that more and more people are turning against the leaders of the country. He said: “We see that groups of officials are separating themselves from the system every day and joining the queue of people.”


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