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Iranian regime’s State Security Forces fear people anger and election protests

And he admitted that the security forces were deeply unpopular with the Iranian people – and had only the support of the Hezbollah and the Supreme Leader and his theocratic cronies.

He told state-run Mehr news agency on Friday: “Some people have said that police confiscations of satellite dishes in not working.

“But the statistics show that before the SSF began these measures, satellite usage in Tehran was 60% and in other cities was 40%. After satellite confiscations by the SSF this was lowered to 45-50% in Tehran and 20% in other cities.”

He acknowledged the massive opposition to these measures, adding: “The SSF doesn’t have any support except the support and reassurance of followers of Hezbollah and the Supreme Leader and some religious authorities.

“Even many Friday prayer leaders have changed their priorities away the issues of culture, chastity and veiling. If the SSF was overcome by this resistance, unveiling would become official in Iran.

“Even some Hezbollah followers criticize us, while the government does not assist us. Radio and Television broadcast basketball games showing women present together in the basketball arena.

“The Ministry of Guidance should be standing firm on on corruption and immorality. One example of this is the live broadcast of football games to men and women in movie theaters, where men and women hug each other and dance on stage when a team scores.

“It seems that on the eve of the 11th presidential election, we are only barely keeping our rules in place. The next president must put these cultural issues at the top of his agenda.”

Moghadam also admitted there was a huge potential for social unrest during the June election, adding: “After the 2009 sedition, the police are on a state of high alert.

The SSF is fully prepared to prevent any incident by any political faction or individual, and that includes street celebrations in support or any competent candidate, or any rioting in protest at a candidate whose competency is rejected.

“These groups committed illegal acts during the 2009 sedition. This year, the police has made arrangements for rapid containment of any disturbances or rioting and is co-ordinating with the intelligence agencies, revolutionary guards and Basij.”

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