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ISIS Amputates Hand of Syrian Citizen, Inspired by Iranian Regime

Video footage of the public amputation has been posted on Twitter, with one account stating: “A resident of Maskane, the thief had confessed to his theft. He himself had asked for his hand to be amputated for his sins to be forgiven.”

ISIS has called for implementation of Sharia law and its cruel and violent punishments in areas under its control. One picture posted online showing a man with his eyes blindfolded surrounded by ISIS forces wielding machetes. Another picture taken later shows this individual with his hand amputated.

A week prior, a man in Iran a man was convicted of theft and has been sentenced to have one hand and one foot amputated.( According to the report of the Iranian regime’s official news agency IRNA and Mehr agency , the brutal verdict of cutting off a defendant’s right hand and left foot was confirmed.)

ISIS makes the Christian community of al-Raqa Province pay a fee in order to continue practicing their religion, promising violent consequences if the fee is not paid. ISIS also prevented Christians from possessing firearms, alcoholic beverages and swine meat.

The Free Syrian Army considers ISIS as a force established jointly by the Assad regime and the religious regime ruling Iran in order to keep the Assad regime in power in Syria.


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