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Martyrdom and Anti-Aircraft Missiles are Features of Iranian Children’s Show

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), translated the show and posted the clip on Twitter.

The teacher leads 10 kids who are dressed in conservative or military attire, in a rousing song about their fathers being willing to die in battle.

When she talks about the missiles, she says, “Come here for a moment children, have a look. Look at these military vehicles which are being used to defend our beloved country Iran. ‘Oh, how wonderful! Children, take a look’.”

As the children gaze on, the teacher asks, “This is called ‘anti-aircraft,’ and what does that mean?” Then she continues, “It means that if the airplanes of the enemy are flying in the sky, the anti-aircraft will not let them enter or infiltrate our beloved Iran.”

The children all wear badges bearing the image of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pinned to their chests.

The children’s show even has a song about the Islamic Revolution. “My dad is a military man, a man of the Revolution,” the children sing about the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran, which turned their country into a theocracy, and began stripping their parents of their rights.

However, their Dads are more likely to have been born after the revolution — and today, most Iranians hate the Islamic Revolution and what the Islamic Republic System has done to their country. Only a few people benefit from living in Iran: Fundamentalists, the families of men working for theIslamic Revolutionary Guards, the Islamic clergy, and those who pretend to be on the Government’s side.

Meanwhile, Iran’s currency has plummeted, democracy and freedom of speech is repressed, unemployment and underemployment of the youth continues to increase, meritocracy has been replaced with having connections, and Iran has big corruption, embezzlement, and mismanagement issues.

The children may sing, “My dad fights our shameless enemies through defense and jihad – bravo! He nurtures Iran – bravo! Helping people is his motto – bravo! God helps him – bravo!”, but the majority of Iranians are violently opposed to their country’s involvement in Syria, both in terms of manpower and the millions of dollars that have been spent there, instead of being used to solve the economic crisis at home.

”My dad hopes to be a role model and sacrifice himself in the path of God. My dad’s role models are the martyrs.”

Regarding the major protests and uprising that have been plaguing Iran, it’s more likely that the children’s dad’s role models are in the ranks of the Iranian Resistance.

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