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Prison officials to prisoners: After the Geneva talks, we will execute all of you

Ghezel-Heasr located in the city of Karaj near Tehran is one of the largest prisons in the Middle East. According to official figures, this prison is currently holding some 15000 inmates.

Meanwhile, the mothers of prisoners surrounded Ghezel-Hesar prison in protest.

Following 75 days of hunger strike and transfer of four Sunni political prisoners to Rajaie-Shahr prion in Karaj, two other prisoners, Sediq Mohammadi and Seyed Hadi Hosseini are still in Gezel-Heasr prison and are facing higher pressure and rigors. Prison official even took back a room given top the Sunni prisoners and reduced their food rations. These two Sunni prisoners were arrested in June 2009 and in an unusual move their files were transferred from Sanandaj to branch 28 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court where death sentence was issued for both of them. These two prisoners are denied the right to have a lawyer.

In this regard, on Tuesday January 28, seven Sunni prisoners in notorious Evin prison in Tehran were threatened by four interrogators of the ministry of intelligence to death by execution. In particular, on Tuesday January 28, Davari, head henchman of the ministry of intelligence, together with 3 other interrogators entered ward 350 of Evin prison and summoned all Sunni prisoners individually in separate rooms and threatened them to execution.

The interrogators of the ministry of intelligence told Sunni prisoners: “You have propagated against the system and made people of Kurdistan revolt against us. Because you don’t believe in this system, you are considered “Mohareb” (enmity against God) and the verdict for Mohareb is execution. If you do not help us in our goals, soon your sentence will be confirmed in the Supreme Court and implemented at the earliest opportunity.” The prisoners responded: “We are not Mohareb. We only want justice regarding our violated rights.” These seven Sunni Kurds prisoners were sentenced to death in branch 28 of Tehran’s revolutionary court headed by Judge Mohammad Moghise’i. Their case is now at the stage of investigation by the court of justice.

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