According to local reports, nine Iranian political prisoners sentenced to death or long-term imprisonment in Mashhad Vakil Abad Prison in a letter asked international human rights organizations for help. They addressed the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran Javaid Rehman and explained the regime’s pressures on themselves and their families.

They emphasized that all charges were false, and everything was under pressure and torture and forced confessions and that the regime’s infamous Ministry of Intelligence is responsible for the suffering of their families.

Below is the letter of these political prisoners:

“Honorable Javaid Rehman, Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, we the political prisoner of Mashhad’s Vakil Abad prison, are asking you to take action and help us in our case, which is filled with false charges like acting against security, membership in the Forghan group, membership of resistance groups, propaganda against the regime, etc.

“We have been in jail for more than five years. And for more than two years, we were banned from any visit and phone call.”

“With false charges, frame-up, torture, forced confessions, and threaten and arrest of our families they have made charges of execution and long-term imprisonment up to 15 years against us. To put pressure on us some of our families’ members have been and called and arrested.

“The interference of the Ministry of Intelligence in our private lives has led to the dissolution of our families and divorces and our children become derelicts.

“These actions were made to force us to cooperate with the Ministry of Intelligence and to accept the false charges that they have put on us.

“Being beaten and insulted by ordinary prisoners and the prison agents following the orders of the prison officials has become normal.

“Besides these cruel charges, the Judiciary and Ministry of Intelligence refer to our families by their lawyers and ask for billion of tomans to stop our executions. With such actions and frame-up, they have run up a business for themselves. They are sacrificing Iran’s young Sunnis to fill up their pockets. We do not know who will give a respond to the tears of our parents and families.

“Many contents remained uncommitted which we will inform you later. Finally, with the help of God, we ask you and international organizations to act against this judiciary and the relevant institutions that have committed many crimes. We ask you to rush up in our case so that we can take back our rights.”


Isa Eid Mohammadi, Farhad Shakeri, Abolhakim Azim Gorgij, Abdol Rahman Gorgij, Habib Pir Mohammadi, Abdol Basat Orsson, Mohammad Reza Sheikh Ahmadi, Morteza Fakuri, Abdollah Hosseini.

It should be remembered that on December 31, 2020, the death sentences of Hamid Rast Bala, Kabir Seadat Jahani, and Mohammad Ali Araesh Sunni prisoners in Mashhad, were implemented.

The sudden implementation of the death sentence of these people was in a situation where their families were deprived of the last meeting. These citizens were transferred to an unknown location on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. Those executed prisoners have the same case as these prisoners who have now written this letter to Rehman.