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Summary of Human Rights Violations in Iran – June 2021

Human Rights Violations in Iran – June 2021

The following is a review of human rights abuses in Iran in June 2021. Many human rights defenders raised their concerns after the appointment of Ebrahim Raisi, the former chief of the judiciary, taking over as the regime’s president and following this announcement, the appointment of another infamous figure Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje’i as the head of the judiciary, fearing that the human rights situation will become more critical because of their involvement in many crimes and human rights abuses.

Therefore, speaking and writing about the human rights situation in Iran becomes more necessary and important.

Executions in Iran – July 2021:

In June 2021, at least six prisoners were executed in central prisons of Mashhad, Central Mahabad, Central Zahedan, Salmas, Central Qazvin, and Gohardasht due to drug and murder allegations. All the accused were men.


In June 2021, at least 208 people were arrested under various titles.

Political arrest:

In this process, at least 206 people were arrested under different titles such as advertising against the regime, opposing with the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei on the Internet, advertising and internet activity for the boycott of the election, disclosing the security of the voting campaign, membership in opposition parties, cooperation with Kurdish parties, protesting the seizure of the lands of Iran’s Sunnis, and participating in the strike of municipal workers.

Arrest members of other religious minorities:

During this period, at least two Baha’is have been arrested by security officers in Shiraz.

Torture in Iran – July 2021:

In June 2021, the news leaked from the country’s prisons speaks about the torture in official and informal prisons and detention centers in different cities.

Physical torture:

  • The Kurdish political prisoner Nayeb Haji Zadeh was attacked and beaten by several ordinary prisoners in Urmia. He was transferred to Quarantine after the presence of prison authorities on the pretext of insulting Khamenei.
  • Kamran Qasemi, the political prisoner of the central prison of Urmia, was beaten in front of his family at the time of their appointment.
  • Ja’fari Yazdi, a political prisoner of Vakil Abad Prison, Mashhad was beaten by the prison ward’s official.
  • Mohammad Hossein Sepehri, the political prisoner of the Vakil Abad Prison, Mashhad was beaten by the officials of the prison ward, they broke his teeth.
  • Hussein Hashemi political prisoner in Fashafouyeh Prison, while being on hunger strike was severely beaten and tortured in the prison by people hired by prison officials.

Mental torture:

  • Farzin Rezayi Roshan political prisoner of the Gohardasht prison, despite suffering from fibromyalgia, was deprived of medical treatment.
  • Motleb Ahmadian a sick political prisoner of the Gohardasht prison is deprived of medical care too.
  • Hussein Spanta political prisoner in Shiraz’s central prison, suffering from a chronic and spinal cord disorder has been deprived of medical treatment.
  • Abbas Lessani civil activist was denied medical treatment outside the prison in the central prison of Ardabil, despite facing many problems.

Vahid and Habib Afkari political prisoners in the Shiraz’s Adel Abad prison are deprived of medical for 9 months.

Arbitrarily killing in Iran – July 2021:

  • At this period, some cargo (Kulbar) and fuel porters were killed by the regime’s agents including:
  • Keyvan Hagh Mordi was killed in Tah Tah neck.
  • Vahed Mohammadpour was killed by border soldiers on the Duleh Bi Border.
  • Saadoun Ahmadi was killed on the Hangeh Jaleh border.
  • Fahim Rostamzadeh was killed on the Tah Tah border.
  • Basir Ahmadzadeh was injured on the Nowsut Border and finally died in hospital.
  • Two fuel porters naming Saeed Shahousi and Naeen Rakhsahni were severely injured and finally died in hospital.
  • Khodayar Rigi was killed by the regime’s officials after his car crashed after being hunted by the anti-drug police.

Unjustified killing of people:

  • Mohammad Hosseini was killed by law enforcement officers during the graze of his livestock near the border of the Marivan.
  • Salam and Hamidollah She Baksh were killed by special forces accused of having drugs in Bam County.
  • Mohamad Minoui were killing at the Marivan border accused of porting smuggled goods.
  • Esmael Hosseini was killed at Qom’s toll, by the regime’s officials because of unclear reasons.
  • Abdolreza and Karim Shebaksh were killed being accused of theft at the Kerman and Narmashir crossroad.
  • Kurosh Heidari being released after 7 years, has been killed in Karaj being accused of carrying drugs.
  • Aydu Sabki was killed at the Rayn Kerman and Narmashir crossroad accused of dealing with drugs.
  • Javid Askani while crossing the border at the Rask County border were killed by the regime’s agents.

Unjustified killing in the prison:

According to reports, one prisoner was killed under torture, and two prisoners died due to the lack of medical treatment:

  • Masoud Kohenki Gongi died because of torture in prison.
  • Sham-Aldin Tatari died because of heart infarction, lack of medical attention, and delay being sent to the hospital.
  • Sasan Nik Nafas political prisoner in Tehran’s Fashafouyeh prison died because of a delay in medical attention.
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