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Swiss Gov Has A Moral Obligation to Pursue Assassins of Prof. Kazem Rajavi

The Swiss government should not sacrifice its humanitarian principles for political, economic privileges under legal pretexts
  1. Samadi, Yadollah, born in 1957 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Assadollah;
  2. Sajadian, Mahmoud, born in 1958 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Hardohnan (Haroun);
  3. Rezvani, Mohammad Said, born in 1966 or 1956 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Taghi;
  4. Pourshafiee, Mohsen, born in 1947 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Abbas;
  5. Pourmirzai, Nasser, born in 1956 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Nouratollah (Nourollah);
  6. Moslehiaraghi, Ali, born in 1947, Iranian national;
  7. Kamali, Ali, born in 1956 in Isfahan, Iranian national, son of Bahman;
  8. Jazaeri, Mohammad Reza, born in 1958 in Qom, Iranian national, son of Mohammad Kazem;
  9. Hemmati, Said, born in 1948 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Mohammad;
  10. Haadavi, Ali, born in 1957 in Gorgan, Iranian national, son of Mirza;
  11. Fallahijan (Fallahian), Ali, born in 1949 in Najafabad, Iranian national;
  12. Danesh, Said, born in 1956 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Mohammad Reza;
  13. Bayani Hamadani, Ali Reza, born in 1959 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Ebrahim;
  14. Babaee, Sadegh, born in 1958 in Tehran, Iranian national, son of Settollah (Sa’ dollah)

The Swiss Government and Judiciary have yet been unable to hold the perpetrators accountable, and they are still free. However, on June 8, Swiss authorities informed the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) about their intention to close the case due to a “statute of limitation.”

In such circumstances, the Swiss government would be all but aiding the mullahs’ criminal agents to evade prosecution under legal pretexts, which is considered an insult to humanitarian values.

Moreover, the Iranian regime has a notorious history in abusing the diplomatic statue to cover its terror activities. In the past two years, Iranian embassies in European states have masterminded two major operations against the main Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

In March 2018, the Albanian government foiled a terror attempt led by Iran’s embassy in Tirana. According to the Albanian police, the Iranian regime had recruited local mafia in addition to agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) to bomb the PMOI/MEK’s celebration marking the Iranian new year Nowruz.

Subsequently, the Albanian government expelled Iran’s ambassador Gholamhossein Mohammad-Nia and three other senior diplomats from its soil. Albania also shut down a so-called cultural center “Saadi,” which was used by the embassy’s agents for hiring locals to attack PMOI/MEK members in this country.


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Also, in June 2018, German, French, and Belgian law enforcement detained Assadollah Assadi, an accredited diplomat of the Iranian regime in Vienna, as well as a couple in a joint operation. Assadi had engineered a terror plot against the NCRI’s annual gathering in Villepinte, a suburb Paris, and used his diplomatic status to transport and deliver explosive materials to the operative couple in Luxembourg. All the mentioned terrorists are now in Belgium to stand before trial.

The Iranian regime continues its terror activities in foreign countries. This has resulted in the Iranian people’s tireless protests against the squandering of national resources on funding terrorist proxies and operating terror plots abroad. In this respect, the Swiss government should redouble its efforts to prosecute criminals, not to sacrifice the humanitarian principles for political and economic privileges. “The Iranian Resistance demands emphatically that the Swiss Government and Judiciary keep open Prof. Rajavi’s file. International arrest warrants must be issued for those who ordered and perpetrated this terrorist murder. Justice must be carried out,” the NCRI stated on June 8.

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