Siamak Momeni, who is not yet 18, was arrested in Parand during the anti-regime protests that sprung up in the wake of the overnight tripling of gas prices.

Momeni attempted suicide after the Revolutionary Court of Tehran announced his sentence for “association and collusion and propaganda against the state, insulting the leader, and insulting the president”. He was taken to the hospital, but there is no news on his condition.

Momeni lost his father several years ago and became the family’s breadwinner by doing deliveries with his motorbike. The fuel price hike deprived him of making enough money to support his family.

He told his inmates: “When I learned that fuel had become 3,000 tomans a liter, I couldn’t work anymore. How could I run my family’s life with this price? So, I went to the street and picked up a placard to protest. Then I got arrested.”

Initially, Momeni was placed in the detention center of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Sarallah Garrison, before being moved to the Greater Tehran Penitentiary after he was interrogated.

Parand is a small town outside of Tehran, which mainly houses low-income families

According to Karaj MP Mohammad Javad Kolivand, the November uprising reached 719 locations on the first day of the protests alone, which was November 15.

While the representative for the parliamentary Committee on Security and Foreign Policy, Seyed Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, has admitted that 7,000 people were arrested during the protests. (Although, the Resistance makes this number 12,000, due to the secrecy of the regime.)

Those arrested have been subjected to torture, including rape and other sexual abuse, genital torture, beatings, and more, in order to force televised confessions.

The regime launched a violent crackdown on the uprising, killing at least 1,500 and injuring 4,000. Many of those injured have since been arrested by agents while seeking medical attention for bullet wounds.

The Iranian Resistance has released the names of 20 more martyrs of the uprising, bring the total number of those identified to 724.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has once again urged the United Nations Secretary-General to dispatch a fact-finding mission to investigate the status of those killed and wounded and visit Iran’s prisons and those arrested.