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The Crimes in Iran’s Kahrizak Prison and Khamenei’s Scandal

And the first and last decider is the Supreme Leader. And an alibi to fade the crimes made by this regime and hide the responsibility of the Supreme Leader is nothing but a joke.

After the massacre in the November Iran protests, the Supreme Leader’s aides are trying, in any way, to clear his hands from the blood of the more than 1500 protesters killed by security forces.

And in this regard, one of the regime’s publications called Khat-e-Hezbollah (Hezbollah’s Path) has entered without any reason in this subject and recounted the events after the 2009 protests and the cruelly and extreme situation in the Kahrizak prison and criticizing the main actor Saeed Mortazavi in an attempt to shift the focus from Khamenei as the main executor of the most recent massacre in November, while everybody is informed that exactly one day after the protests started, at 6.45 am he ordered the suppression of protesters, and the IRGC started to shoot and kill the people.

Iranian authorities seem incognizant of the fact that the more they bring up the issue of the crackdowns, the more their crimes become exposed, and the hatred of the Iranian people will incite more and more towards Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The ISNA News Agency carried a report on 29 December with the title “The new dimension of the Kahrizak detention center”, citing Khat-e-Hezbollah about the Kahrizak story.

Some observers have compared Iran’s cruel dungeons to the camps in Auschwitz.

During the 2009 uprising, the Kahrizak detention center was set up to suppress protesters. It was a secret place, while Saeed Mortazavi launched a massacre and tortured protesters there, causing so much catastrophe that Khamenei was eventually forced to shut down the killing center to prevent further scandals for the regime.

Now, this newspaper is claiming that the main executor Saeed Mortazavi had lied to the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei about the situation in this detention center.

It’s very clear that the intention of this newspaper is to disclaim any responsibility from Khamenei’s order to kill protesters in the recent protests.

“The release of the tragedy that took place in this detention center forced the supreme leader to call the Kahrizak detention center where the ‘crime’ had taken place and discredited the regime’s honor in the world, and demand that the detention center be closed eventually. And at least that happened, and the detainees were transferred to Evin Prison.”

Now, everybody knows that Saeed Mortazavi was tried in a kangaroo court and was released later under article 85 of the penal law.

“Under Article 85 of the Penal law, a prisoner can be released after serving two-thirds of his sentence.”

At least we must say that all these tries will not change anything in the situation of the Iranian regime, in which it is stuck. Change in Iran is imminent and this regime is at the end of its era.

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