Regarding the Islamism that the Iranian regime claims to be part of their existance,  Dr. Maleki stated, ”All these crimes are committed in the name of religion. You have completely spoiled religion. You wanted to develop Islam while you have already ruined Islam in your own country.”

He referred to Ahmad Montazeri who was sentenced to 21 months of imprisonment and said, ”They have given him such sentence to scare him and this government is like a person who is drowning and struggling to survive. I believe this regime has reached a deadlock.” 

According to an article published on December 20, by the National Council of Iran (NCRI), following, Ali Khamenei’s speech about the Minister of England, Mohammad Maleki stated, “How could the Supreme Leader address the Minister of England with such words? This is against ration, humanity, and morality.”

He praised their deeds of the campaign of “Either Death or Freedom” in which the students of Mohammad Ali Taheri with more than 40 other people voluntarily went to Evin Prison. He encouraged other groups, such as workers, teachers, students, and retirees to join the movement.

He concluded by saying, ”When different groups unite with each other, they can, therefore, stage unanimous and peaceful rallies. The people will also join them and this is the only way to save the country.

The people will protest against the domineering regime and the regime cannot commit any crimes like before in the 80s.The media will be everywhere and the government is not allowed to commit any crime.”