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Violent Attacks on Followers of Iranian Political Prisoner

Reacting to this unjust punishment, Taheri commenced upon a hunger strike. He has since fallen into a coma, and is being held in Baqiatollah hospital in Tehran. 

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reports that the followers of Taheri gathered in front of the hospital on Thursday October 20, following news of his condition. 

On Friday evening, October 21, the second day of their vigil, Tehran security forces and anti-riot units attacked the demonstrators, attempting to disperse them by beating them and using tear gas.  Women and children became ill, due to inhaling the pepper spray. 

The third night, Saturday, October 22, the demonstrators clashed again with law enforcement. Beatings ensued once more, and 15 demonstrators were arrested and taken to an unknown location.  One of them, a 16-year old teenager, whose mother was severely beaten while trying to prevent her son from being arrested.

On Monday October 24, reports from the NCRI  say that some of the demonstrators had to be transferred to medical centers because of their critical condition as a result of beatings by the Security Forces.  More than 3,000 supporters had gathered peacefully in front of the hospital, keeping silent and holding flowers. according to eye witnesses.  After visiting hours, they planned to leave the area peacefully. A Security Forces’ special unit suddenly attacked and started beating them. They targeted women, and were merciless. 

At least three women were arrested, according to the NCRI Women’s Committee. They were transferred to Fashafouyeh and Qarchak prisons on October 25, 2016.  Three of the women have been identified as Baharak Azarnia, Zahra Shafii, and Nahid Babazazeh. Before being transferred out to Varamin and Fashafouyeh, the detainees were interrogated at Evin Prison. 

Followers of the political prisoner of conscience held protest rallies in several cities, such as Shiraz, Mashhad and Urmia. Protesters asked for Taheri’s freedom by holding his photos and a number of hand-written signs. 

In a letter to the international community and human rights organizations, students of Mohammad Ali Taheri, wrote that they considered the regime responsible for the consequences of Taheri’s life threatening situation, after he fell into a coma induced by his hunger strike. They demanded his release.

Additionally, Amnesty International had previously issued a statement calling for the immediate and unconditional release this prisoner of conscience.




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