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According to ILNA News Agency Indicted lawmaker Ali Motahari in reaction and response to the regime's judiciary chief said: “Sadeq Larijani, instead of answering my questions, has attempted to indict me. As head of the judiciary he is expected to tolerate criticism, but has shown that he does not tolerate criticism, if members of Parliament are not able to voice their opinions, then shut down Parliament”. 

According to Fars News Agency speaking at a gathering of the Iranian regime Revolutionary Guards Corps Masoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of the regimes armed forces demanded the arrest and detention of Rafsanjani. He pointed out that Rafsanjani was one of the leaders of the Sedition. Jazayeri continued by saying that two of the leaders of the Sedition are in detention but Rafsanjani is free and continues their line of action. He demanded the that the Ministry of Information and Security should be more vigilant.

AghaTehrani a member of the regimes Parliament in a speech in Kerman said: “the danger we face from the Sedition (2009 uprising in Iran) has not ended. It keeps on trying to surface”.

Mostafa Pourmohammadi, the Justice Minister of Rouhani Cabinet on Wednesday 25 Dec. said he does not believe Rouhani is a reformist.

INU - Ahmad Khatami, a cleric close to Khamenei and a member of cleric regime’s counsel of experts said: “Velayate Faqih is only dominant force in the islamic system”. Anyone who stands against him should expect to see the "consequences of of their stance and the events of 2009 uprising hasn’t been forgotten”.

Following the gathering a group of Hassan Rohani’s supporters in Kermanshah, special force and plainclothes had beaten the people with electric batons, shockers and hemlock.


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