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INU- The supreme leader’s open call for the destruction of Israel on Sunday is part and parcel of the hardline policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in the wake of the recent conservative resurgence that has been characterized by a crackdown on women’s rights and perceived Western influence. Ayatollah Khamenei’s bold message also suggests that the regime does not expect a serious response from Western powers.

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INU- Numerous news outlets on Wednesday reported on the Iranian parliament’s rejection of Hassan Rouhani’s third nomination to fill the post of Minister of Science, Research, and Higher Education. The previous occupant of the position was removed by parliament in August over concerns that he was loosening restrictions on student demonstrators. The rejection of his potential replacement is generally regarded as another defeate for Rouhani.

NCRI - An Iranian plane carrying four high-ranking police officers crashed late Saturday in southeastern Iran, killing seven on board, state news agency IRNA reported.

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INU - As domestic opposition to the regime runs high and the Iranian military and militias are spread thin amidst regional conflicts, Iran is making notable efforts to empower its hardline citizens and its domestic police forces to stave off protests and help the regime to hold onto power at home.

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INU - Although partners like Russia have been there to help in the past, Iran currently doesn’t have to rely as much on illicit trade with these entities as it might in the event that nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 break down. The interim agreement with those powers ostensibly holds Iran to a maximum of one million barrels per day of oil exports until such time as a deal is signed. But in reality it has been permitted to get away with much more than that, in part because the Obama administration elected to not count exports of lighter oil condensates toward the total figure.

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 Iran: Rouhani’s confrontation with Khamenei’s faction escalates (following impeachment of Minister of Science)


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