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Live TV interview of Hassan Rouhani, the mullahs’ President, with TV Channel no. 1 raised reactions from all of the factions within this regime. In this interview that took place on April 29, Rouhani defended his government’s dossier and said: “The government was able to fulfill all his promises until the end of the past Iranian year (March 2014).”

FoxNews: The Iranian regime has banned access to the WhatsApp messaging site, a popular site for many to communicate both inside and outside the country, stating that a Jewish “American Zionist” owns the site. 

Last week, the Iranian capital’s Ebtekar newspaper reported that the head of the Iranian Prisons Organization had been dismissed from his position.” On Saturday, Tehran’s public prosecutor’s office responded by banning future publication of the newspaper, which was declared guilty of “spreading rumors and lies, or [distorting] others’ contents,” according to Mohammad Ali Vakili, Ebtekar’s managing director.

Mullahs’ Majlis (parliament) approved a plan to increase the population titled “Plan to prevent decrease in population growth rate”. The plan passed on Sunday, April 13, by 131 votes in favor, 43 against, with 9 abstentions of the present 204 representatives in the parliament.

The Petroleum Minister of Mullah Rouhani’s cabinet mentioned that every year nine billion cubic meters of gas (equivalent to the gas exported to Turkey in one year) is lost and he further stated that currently there is this amount of gas lost in the network.  

The outcome of a study by Sharif Industrial University (the foremost industrial university in Iran) indicates that gasoline pollution in Tehran is 20 times and gas pollution 800 times the world standards. This study has accounted for the sulfur contaminant in these fuels.


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